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  •  "Time well spent, I can see why this is a requierement and look forward to putting these techniques into practice and following up on the suggested materials and resources.  Thank you!"   -  May 2019

  • "Thank you for gathering such rich and meaningful and not old dated or arcaic content."  - May 2019 

  • " I thought it was very helpful and eye opening on how my actions and perceptions can make the situation worse, or better!... My choice "  May 2019

  • "I found this class to be very helpful and allowed  me to see another perspective. "

  •  "I would highly recommend this class in person over on line, as you can ask questions and participate at other level"

  • "Eye opening and very informative"

  •  "I really appreciated this course.  Great Content and Presentation"  - March 2019

  • Informative and Beneficial,  Time well spent" -March 2019

  • "I didn't think I'd like this course buth was pleasantly surprised.  Thank You,  Great Class / Presentation" - March 2019

  • "Thankyou for the knowledge, it will help not onk with my family life but also other situations and relationships in my life."  - March 2019

  • "This class was very well handed and presentation spot on teen interaction" - March  2019

  • "I received some great resources to continue my learning about how to co-parent in the best possible way." - April 2019

  • "Learned a lot more than I thought I would. Very informative and useful in parenting as well as everyday life." - April 2019

  • "The tools provided during this seminar were impactful.  I found great value in taking it" - April 2019

  • "The seminar helped me realize that conflict is not neccessarily bad." - April 2019

  • "I will take all the knowledge I learned today and try my best to use in my future" - April 2019

  • "Very informative, I would take it even if not required." - April 2019

  • " Very helpful" - April 2019

  • "There was so much great information in this class!  Time just flew by.  I was just in awe by our instructor and how much information he was able to give us" - April 2019

  • "This was much more valuable than I had thought it would be." - April 2019

  • " Thankyou for being very open and so understanding with every person's situation." April 2019