Written Testimonials provided in our feedback forms



  •  "Time well spent, I can see why this is a requirement and look forward to putting these techniques into practice and following up on the suggested materials and resources.  Thank you!"   -  May 2019

  •  "I really appreciated this course.  Great Content and Presentation"  - March 2019

  • Informative and Beneficial,  Time well spent" -March 2019

  • "I didn't think I'd like this course buth was pleasantly surprised.  Thank You,  Great Class / Presentation" - March 2019

  • "Thankyou for the knowledge, it will help not onk with my family life but also other situations and relationships in my life."  - March 2019

  • "This class was very well handed and presentation spot on teen interaction" - March  2019

  • "I received some great resources to continue my learning about how to co-parent in the best possible way." - April 2019

  • "Learned a lot more than I thought I would. Very informative and useful in parenting as well as everyday life." - April 2019

  • "The tools provided during this seminar were impactful.  I found great value in taking it" - April 2019

  • "The seminar helped me realize that conflict is not neccessarily bad." - April 2019

  • "I will take all the knowledge I learned today and try my best to use in my future" - April 2019

  • "Very informative, I would take it even if not required." - April 2019

  • " Very helpful" - April 2019

  • "There was so much great information in this class!  Time just flew by.  I was just in awe by our instructor and how much information he was able to give us" - April 2019

  • "This was much more valuable than I had thought it would be." - April 2019

  • " Thankyou for being very open and so understanding with every person's situation." April 2019 

  • "Thank you for gathering such rich and meaningful and not old dated or arcaic content."  - May 2019 

  • " I thought it was very helpful and eye opening on how my actions and perceptions can make the situation worse, or better!... My choice "  May 2019

  • "I found this class to be very helpful and allowed  me to see another perspective. "

  •  "I would highly recommend this class in person over on line, as you can ask questions and participate at other level"

  • "It is very helpful to get all these resources mentioned in class. "  Jun 2019  

  • "I believe this class coversa lot of helpful topics"  Jun 2019  
  • "I enjoyed this class and felt like I gained a lot of knowledge"   Jun 2019  
  • "I enjoyed learning new ways to communicate with my child"   Jun 2019  
  • "Very interesting material / topics / class. "   Jun 2019  
  • "Thanks for your effortI had a good time, "   Jun 2019  
  • "I learned a lot of things that I will work on "   Jun 2019  

"Can't wait to get divorced and start co-parenting."  Jun 2019   

"More information than I was expecting, actually enjoyed it."   Jun 2019   

"I would recommend this mind set for all parents not just ones learning to co-parent. "   Jun 2019   

"Very informational and helpful."  Jun 2019   

"The tools and resources are very helpful."   Jun 2019   

"They gave a good amount of ideas to follow."   Jun 2019   

"The instructor was good, character, and concise. He kept the class's attention."   Jun 2019    

"Great class- super helpful."   Jun 2019   

"I learned some very useful tips.Thank you! "   Jun 2019   

"Having your warm and welcoming approach made a difficult topic easier to think about."   Jun 2019   

"Lots of great information and resources."   Jun 2019   

"Jorge is wonderful! Very informative, thank you."   Jun 2019   

"Very relevent and helpful with dealing with parenting, communications, and conflict."   Jun 2019   

"Great facility- thank you! Great information. "  Jun 2019   

"To be healthy in mind and as a parent. Great set-up. Thank you for your time. Food and drinks, so kind. "   Jun 2019   

Very positive. Focuses on what I can do with an uncoroporative co-parent.Thank you.    July 2019   

I am leaving today feeling more empowered and ready for what is ahead.   July 2019

Enjoyed the seminar. Learned new things to add to my tool box for parenting.  July 2019

I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot about co-parenting.Very nice information.   July 2019

The class is easy to understand.I recieved a lot of information in how to further my education in child development.  July 2019

Very well put together class.  July 2019

Great class helps to communicate more effectively with how to handle conflict.  July 2019

All parents should be taking this class to learn how to be better parents.  July 2019

It is very informational.  I think I will be well equiped with the knowledge and resources to be the best co-parent I can be with the knowledge and resources.  July 2019

This class was informative as well as enjoyable.   July 2019

Jorge's understanding and teaching style made it great.Great class.   July 2019

I enjoyed the tools given and look forward to exploring the some more of the resources given.I will definitely use these skills from here on out to help me with my co-parenting plan.  July 2019

Teacher was compassionate and not judgmental.  Excellent instructor. Uses engaging array of mixed media and embedded discussion.  July 2019

I took so much away from this class. It really put me into my child's mind and gave me a lot to think about and work on.  July 2019

Thank you for this class. I feel like it's going to change my life. Mostly for my daughters.It was a wonderful course.  July 2019

Thank you for your kindness and instruction.I'm going to take what I learned today and start implementing it to my every day life and continue to grow and put my son first.  July 2019

It was very diverse and covered a lot more than I was expecting. The presenter was well spoken and easy to follow.  July 2019

Thank you Jorge for your kind and loving personality. This will really help me and my ex find common ground.Great information! Thank you.   July 2019

I wish this seminar was more available before going through a divorce.This gave me a lot of hope for the future of our co-parenting.   July 2019

Learning how to deal with confrontation and ask questions. Also how to be nicer in conflicts.   Aug 2019

Great class,  Wealth of information on brain and body connection as relates to stress, how we communicate, etc  Aug 2019

Great teacher, very relatable.   Snacks and drinks were a plus  Aug 2019

I learned handling conflict with curiosity  Aug 2019

Jorge is very personable and knowledgeable about parenting, conflict, and helping build a safe and nurturing structure for our children  Aug 2019

I learned a lot. I know this class is going to help me  Aug 2019

The speaker is very nice and understanding. Explained things well with examples and resources. He was very organized and knowledgeable    Aug 2019

Thank you for your time.  Many very good resources.   Aug 2019

Thank you so very much for your time, patience, and caring!  Aug 2019

This course is helpful and great will be sharing   Aug 2019

Very helpful, accommodating, informational   Aug 2019

This class was so beneficial to me  Aug 2019 

I very much enjoyed this class.   Aug 2019

My favorite is how heart based it is.  The instructor was great,   Aug 2019

I would highly recommend this class.  Aug 2019

Thank you for the information, it was very helpful to see/hear what he/she is really saying. It also helped me understand my child's anger issues. 

Thanks for the snacks.  Aug 2019

This class made me think of things I haven't thought of before.   Aug 2019

Thank you! The subject was very constructive and your presentation and caring personality was well appreciated.  Sep 2019

It was a wonderful class.  We often forget that the power to overcome and manage conflict starts with the self. This class was a good reminder of that and had a number of good resources for those brave enough to start with self improvement.  Sep 2019

The most useful element was the different options and ideas on how to approach conflict and situations as a co-parent and how to work together as co-parents.  Sep 2019

The instructor was very charismatic.  Sep 2019

The instructor took a sensitive material and made it cute. Good job!   Sep 2019

The ideas and resources will help parenting.  Well thought out information, presentation and materials.  Instructor was knowledgeable.   Sep 2019

After parenting and grand parenting for 35 years, I was delighted to learn more about what I did not know.  Sep 2019

Overall it was pretty informative and I am happy to have continued resources going on from here .  Sep 2019

Really helpful in offering a forum for insight on how to think of the children and their needs when  changing parental roles.  Sep 2019

This class was very helpful to me on how to deal with my son!   Sep 2019

Great job leading class, I feel like as we parents can learn a lot from hearing others experiences.     Sep 2019

Opens up dialogue! You said something that really resonated with me, Thank you    Sep 2019

Learned a lot to help co-parent successfully.     Sep 2019

I appreciate your charm and passion and interest in the topic as a teacher.    Sep 2019

Very informative and needed at this time of life.   Thank you!   Sep 2019

This was very helpful and informative   Sep 2019

I love this program.  Learned some very pertinent info.   Sep 2019

I've learned a lot and will use many skills so I can be a better parent.   Sep 2019

I feel a course like this would be most beneficial on the front end. Its a shame the courts require it to get divorced yet do nothing for couples requesting a marriage license.    Sep 2019