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Program Description

The "Successful Co-Parenting" Seminar enables you to create or improve your co-parenting relationship, in order to minimize the negative consequences of your separation to your children. 

Successful Co-Parenting is the approved "In-Person" Parenting Seminar by the Superior Courts of: Snohomish, Skagit and Island counties.

This 4 hour training satisfies the court requirement for parents in divorce or separation cases.

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This seminar fulfills the Superior Court requirement for divorce and separation cases with children, in Snohomish, Skagit and Island Counties.

Learn how to build a successful co-parenting relationship that minimizes the negative effects of the separtaion to your children.


  • Facets of divorce / separation
  • Divorce on children
  • Co-Parenting Plan
  • Developmental stages
  • Building children's resilience
  • Conflict resolution
  • Emotional intelligence
  • and more


    -  1st Saturday:    EVERETT (Everett Community College 8 am  to  noon)
    -  2nd Saturday:   MOUNT VERNON (Skagit U.U. Fellowship 8 am  to  noon)
    -  3rd Saturday:    EVERETT (Everett Community College 1 pm  to  5 pm)
    -  4th Saturday:  * SPANISH-ESPAÑOL *  EVERETT (Carl Gipson Senior Center 9 am  to  1pm) 

COST: $ 125

 +   Includes:  Certificate, Materials,  Parking,  Coffee,  Snacks, Online resources and 2 years membership to "Successful Co-Parenting Club".

 +   Payment:   After completing PRE-REGISTRATION....NO PAYMENTS  THE DAY OF THE EVENT.

        -  ONLINE:   PayPal o Credit Card.

        -  BY MAIL:  Check or Money Order to  "Successful Co-Parenting"   P.O. Box: 135,  Mt. Vernon, WA, 98273

 +   Sliding Scale Fee for low income participants:

        -  Please include a recent proof of income (from all sources:wages, child support, etc)

                     Net Monthly Income of parent                                  COST

                     - $ 3,501 or higher                                                     $ 125

                     - From $ 2,501 to 3,500                                             $ 100

                     - From $ 2,001 to 2,500                                             $   70

                     - From $ 1,501 to 2,000                                             $   40

                     - From $ 0 to 1,500                                                    $   10

        -  If you are applying for a discounted rate the payment is not done online.  Please  complete your pre-registration only and  send  by mail respective payment  (Check or Money Order)   with recent proof of income to: 

                   “Successful Co-Parenting”  PO Box  135, Mount Vernon, WA, 98273.

(NOTE:  If you think there is not enoguh time to receive it by mail, please call us to let us know that you plan to birng  payment and proof of income with you the day of the event .


a)   We will not schedule both parties in the same date,  we understand that otherwise uncomfortable and even unsafe situations can be created.   If both parties are wishing to attend the same date, we will need a written request explaining the matter.  

b)   No children nor pets allowed.

c)   Rescheduling at no cost,  7 days advance notice, subject to space  availability. 

d)   We provide bilingual (English and Spanish) seminars,  if you have a need of other language please contact the  court language coordinators.  

e)  Special needs?  email 

Calendar of Events

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+  Voice  / Text  360-399-6429, 

+  Email: Contact@SuccessfulCo-Parenting.com

Skagit Mediation developed the content  of its new program "Successful Co-Parenting" in early 2016. 

2016 Approved by  Skagit Superior Court  

2017 Approved by  Island Superior Court

2018 Approved by  Snohomish Superior Court.


  • "The training was very helpful in stimulating a collaborative approach between parents"

  • "I found this class to be very helpful and allowed  me to see another perspective. "

  •  "I would highly recommend this class in person over on line, as you can ask questions and participate at other level"

  • "Eye opening and very informative"

Father and son getting to the light