RESOLVE InterPersonal Conflict


Can I pay at the event?

For logistics and safety reasons,  we prefer to receive payment before the event.  

Participants that have not completed payment can stay for the workshop and their certificate will be sent or deliverd only  once payment has been  received.

Can I apply for the sliding fee.

We provide a sliding fee option for low income participants.

- Net Monthly Income of parent 

   - $ 3,501 or higher           $ 125

   - From $ 2,501 to 3,500   $ 100

   - From $ 2,001 to 2,500   $   70

   - From $ 1,501 to 2,000   $   40

   - From $ 0 to 1,500          $   20

 If you are applying for a discounted rate the payment is not done online.  Please  complete your registration  and  send  by mail respective payment  (Check or Money Order)   with recent proof of income to:   “Successful Co-Parenting”  PO Box  135, Mount Vernon, WA, 98273.  

 (NOTE:  If you think there is not enough time to receive it by mail, please call us to let us know that you plan to birng  payment and proof of income with you the day of the event . 

Can both parents attend the same event?

We know that it is very difficult and stressful for participants to have their counterpart in the same training.  

Also, this negative environment can easily affect everybody in the event, and even make it unsafe.

Unless it is requested and explained in the registration form,  parents should attend different events.  If approved, we will soon notify you.

Do I need to bring some paperwork?

No, we provide all the necessary materials.

If I can't pay online, can I pay cash?

No cash payments are accepted,  Payments can also be done by mail with Check or Money order, no need to fill  the shopping cart.

Send  check or a money order to:  "Successful Co-Parenting", PO Box 135,  Mount Vernon WA. 98273

Can I bring my child?

Sorry,  we dont have a way to provide childcare, so children are not allowed, 

What is the "Successful Co-Parenting Club"?


We are doing an effort to continue providing valuable information and resoruces to our past participants.

That is why we have created  SCP-Club.

 A virtual space at 


If you are alumni, you are elegible  for a free membership account, and you should get an invitation soon to join.

It is important to mention that htis online club is iin the makin we will try to notify participants very soon.   


Where can I find mediation services?


Skagit Mediation is an approved Family Law Mediator for Skagit Couinty.

We provide facilitative mediation  services for family and divorce disputes.