RESOLVE InterPersonal Conflict

InterPersonal Conflict

Who are we?

The mission of Resolve IPC is to create peace and understanding, by empowering parties in dispute to work collaboratively and reach a formal and written agreement.

Resolve IPC is a recent creation, in it, I have joined the two most important projects of my professional practice:  "Skagit Mediation" and "Successful Co-Parenting"

Resolve IPC  assists parties in de-escalating conflict and in reaching a consensual and written agreement, by facilitating respectful and productive communication.

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Our history:

Jorge Manzanera was born and raised bilingual in Mexico City. With a Bachelors in Science , graduate studies in Management, and an Int'l Certifiied in Neuro Linguistic Programming, he has gained over 15 years of international experience  in Germany, Mexico and Canada . 

As  a family business consultant and coach, Jorge  attained  international certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming  and  Coaching from John Grinder. 

In Mexico, (2000-2005)  he included mediation services for family business owners and executives.

In 2011 he completed the Family Mediation Certification from Lone Star College and Montgomery County DRC.  As an academic coach for AcademicTransformation.com, he performed frequent teen-parent family mediations.

Since 2014, Mr. Manzanera is also a Certified Mediator Practitioner for Washington State, and the founder and director of Skagit Mediation.

With his team, Jorge provides weekly Superior Court approved IN PERSON parenting seminars, almost every Saturday.  (Calendar)

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